Junk Removal and Junk Hauling Services In Exeter

By | April 2, 2014

If you need junk removal in Exeter New Hampshire, look no further!

junk removal junk hauling exeter new hampshireYour Best Choice For Affordable Junk Removal In Exeter NH

  • When Trash Can Willys does a junk pickup we do all the work removing all of your junk from where it sits, all you have to do is point, free of charge of course!
  • Same day calls for junk hauling are ok, we are here to help when you need us!
  • You name it we take it – junk, junk furniture, refrigerators, washers, dryers, construction debris, sofa couches, mattresses, attic junk, basement trash, garage garbage, broken computers, monitors, old car and truck tires, hot tubs, pianos, even cars and trucks, random junk – as long as it doesn’t explode we will take any junk you have
  • Bring on the competition! We guarantee we will beat any price you get by at least 5%*
  • No job is too big or too small – from the little old lady around the corner that wants to get rid of her little 500 lb television, to the corporation going out of business and needs all their documents shredded and office furniture removed and disposed of
  • We are a green company, that means every single item we take that is not garbage, trash, or broken will be re-purposed or donated. Some of our latest projects include turning pianos in to 2 coffee tables each, a wagon wheel in to a chandalier and whatever else willy’s elves can think of!
  • If you have food that needs to go we have that covered too, all canned good are donated to local food pantries.
  • Our junk removals in Exeter New Hampshire start at just $35 and go up according to the amount of and size of items you are looking to get rid of.
  • We promise professional, polite. and prompt service in hopes of not just taking this junk load away but anymore you accumulate during the year!

Call us now and save at 603-490-2177

Here Are Some Tips For Getting Rid Of Junk And Stuff In Exeter NH For Free

HAZMAT COLLECTION IN EXETER NEW HAMPSHIRE– Although Trash Can Willys does not offer Hazmat removal we can at least point you in the right direction —> HERE

Goodwill – 720 Lafayette RD in Portsmouth NH Their phone number is 603-430-2040

The goodwill is known to be very picky as to what they will actually pick up and remove. Often you will be forced to schedule 2 to 4 weeks out and they will only remove half of what you were hoping they would, however if you drop items off, especially knick knacks, pots, pans, and dishes they are much more accommodating.

St Vincent DePaul – Call for address 603-722-9922

They are a great resource for getting rid of excess food stores nd getting them in to the hands that will appreciate it.

Habitat for Humanity – 21 Fox Run Rd in Newington NH 603-750-3200

A great place to donate unused or excess construction supplies, materials, and unused paint. They build houses for the less fortunate

Savers – New Beginnings Addiction Treatment – 2064 Woodbury Ave Newington NH 603-427-0814

Savers again is very picky if they offer a pick up service, but more than willing to take anything you would like to drop off that isn’t broken or really junky

Here is another list of reputable charities in Exeter NH that may have a need for some of your junk, otherwise call us!

None of the above will typically take stained items, or anything like mattresses or sleeper sofas, recliners sofas etc. That is where we come in. We can take everything and anything except for liquid paint and HAZMAT. Our charge is affordable and anything we think can be donated we will if you havent had the time or ability to 🙂 Sometimes people think they have junk until we see it! If we think your junk has value we will determine its fair market value and give you 50% of its worth off the cost of the removal! We are always looking out for our customers, and communities best interests.



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