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We guarantee our referring realtors the best price for their customers period.

We Help Realtors Sell Listings Faster!

We work with alot of Realtors and are looking to work with more. When a Realtor pairs with us, like many in the area have already, it gives you power over your customers property presentation and an edge to gain their listings.

Refer 10 clients to us annually and receive a free junk removal at your own residence!

This Way To The VIP Line…

First off Realtors in the area get our VIP service. If you need a property cleaned up to go on the market or sell faster if you call us we automatically move your property to the front of our schedule books to be cleaned up fast. Something you can relay to your customers when trying to earn their listing that they may appreciate.

Pricing We Are Almost Ashamed Of!

In this business everyone loves to hear the words “I got a guy” especially clients as it typically insinuates a level of trust, value, and good workmanship to the referred party. So from here on out you can say “you have a guy” when it comes to property clean outs and junk removal and we are positive this will assist you in getting some listings. Our Realtors are automatically given the best pricing we can afford to give. This is beneficial to you because you can rest assured your client is getting a great service at the very best price… they will absolutely not find a better deal on their own.

“Save Your Back, We Got Willys!”

Another great perk about our service is we do all the work! Thats right – have a lazy sloppy client that would never get around to cleaning that basement or garage? PERFECT we do it all so they won’t have to and we get it done fast. All your client has to do is point when we show up and as quickly as they point, we wisp it away on to the truck and the next thing you know you have a listing devoid of junk and ready to be shown.

You Now Have The Power!

What this service does is really empower you over your listings. You know what a house needs to look like to sell and now you have the control to get it there without having to rely on your client finding the time to do it or the manpower, let alone the energy.

About Trash Can Willys 

We are a local company that specializes in both residential and business junk removal for the lowest cost in the area. We actually guarantee the lowest cost in writing. How can we do this you may ask? The answer is simple, we go above and beyond our competition’s efforts to recycle, resell, or donate the junk we remove. Its a win win scenario, our customers save, we are able to provide an affordable and helpful service, all while benefiting the local community

What Do We Remove?

Our motto is “You name it We take it!” We are pretty much able to take anything and everything your client needs removed except for hazardous materials. We can handle any size job. From hoarders with piles of newspapers to the ceiling, barns full of junk from god knows when, to small jobs like the little old lady around the corner who has dated furniture that needs to be removed for the listing to gain traction in the modern market of today.

How Do We Price?

There are three variables that ultimately affect our pricing volume, weight, and labor of items to be dumped. On the flip side there are also three driving factors on lowering your clients costs – can we resell the “junk”, can we donate it, and can we recycle it. Alot of the time the two are close to balancing out, when this happens removal costs are negligible and sometimes even offset, meaning we do the removal for no charge. Although, these cases are rear and very infrequent, but they do happen. All that said, it really depends, if your client has more than a few pickup trucks worth of junk to be removed its always best if our owner Steven Heimsath comes out and gives them an onsite estimate free of charge. If it is a smaller load, feel free to call us for a free quote. Always any quote delivered is of no obligation to you or your client, we just are thankful for the opportunity to possibly earn the business.

Where Do We Service?

Our service area is from Tewksbury, Mass north to Laconia, NH and West from Milford NH to the Sea Coast. A very large area, and we do go outside that territory if it makes sense for us and the client, typically for larger jobs.

How Are Our References?

Excellent in short. We have worked very hard since day one to not burn a single bridge anywhere with customers or suppliers. Anywhere and everywhere you look look online you will find above average reviews on our company, service, and pricing.

What Is Our Turn Around Time?

Fast! We can typically get to a small job on the same day or next day your client calls us. For a larger sized job within three days we can begin and quickly finish the job, using our entire staff when need be.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Take And Are You Insured?

We accept any form of payment except for checks when a client is in the process of moving. If its paid for by a business a check is fine and a 30 day net is our preferred term after the job has been successfully finished. We typically do not require a deposit on jobs but there are some larger jobs that have required us to ask for a 30% deposit to cover large disposal costs, however this is very rare. Payment from a client is typically expected immediately upon a satisfactory walk-through the property after the job is finished.

We are fully insured to most companies standards. We carry both a general liability umbrella policy and all of our staff is covered under Workman’s Compensation Insurance

How Do We Start The Process Of Moving Forward?

Great to hear! We look forward to having an opportunity to earn your business! Please fill out the form below and our owner Steven Heimsath will contact you directly, or you can call the company number and speak to him immediately as he answers the phone every time it rings unless with a client!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon! Be sure to let Steve know you saw us on Linkedin So we can offer $40 off your clients removal costs!

*$40 off special only applicable to jobs quoted over $120

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